Hair Care

Pre Installation
We suggest co-washing your hair before installing. Co-washing is a method when you wash hair without using shampoo and only with conditioner. When co-washing your hair you should use a moisturizing conditioner to wash the hair. Rinse the hair with cold water. Let the hair air dry and then install.
General Maintenance 
We recommend that you wash your hair at lease once every two weeks to maintain the longevity of the hair. If you notice that the hair is starting to become stiff ,greasy, has product build and is hard to manage ; then that is a sign that the hair needs to be washed. People that are involved in daily physical activities (running, jogging, bike riding etc,we recommend that you wash your hair once a week.) It is solely at your discretion to wash your hair whenever you like , (this is just our recommendation.)
Shampoos and Conditioners that we recommend 
Herbal Essences Hello Hydration & Herbal Essences Totally Twisted   (For Curly Hair)
Sealing Wefts 
 Sealing the wefts are highly recommended , especially if you know that you will be cutting the wefts for installation. .After Co-washing and drying your hair, it is time to seal the wefts. Choose a weft sealant that bonds quickly, is flexible and does not leave any clumpy residue.  Make sure to apply the sealant to both sides of the weft. This guarantees a tightly sealed weft that will minimize shedding dramatically.
Weft Sealants that we recommend are (Salon Pro 30 Second Easy Track Weft Sealer) which can be purchased at your local beauty supply or (Dritz Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant) which can be purchased at Walmart. 
     Salon Pro 30 second easy track weft sealer
Curly Hair Maintenance 
Note that curly requires more maintenance than straight or wavy hair_ 
Apply a moisture rich conditioner and use a wide tooth comb to comb hair, starting with the ends working your way up to the weft.
Leave Conditioner in for at least 10 - 15 minutes or more 
Rinse thoroughly.
Scrunch hair gently to enhance the curls.
When damp, apply a dime size of an anti-frizz alcohol free hair serum (optional) .
Let air-dry
Try not to use excessive oil or styling products on curly hair, being that this will cause product build up and the hair will become difficult to manage 
Do not brush or comb hair when dry, it will cause hair to frizz .
Before going to bed (Curly Hair Only)
Make sure hair is damp and gentle comb out any kinks or tangles, either braid the hair into a couple of big braids ( 2-4) or pull hair up into a pineapple and make sure to tie the hair with a satin scarf or use a satin bonnet.